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KOYO Glucosamine

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a natural amino saccharide, and it is widely distributed as a component of mucopolysaccharide in connective tissue of a crustacean. Glucosamine is an element of cartridge and it plays an important role for joint functions. Recent years, function of glucosamine for prevention and reduction of pain caused from osteo arthritis by aging and extreme exercise is confirmed and it is widely used in western countries.

Manufacturing method

To manufacture Glucosamine, shells of crustacean, such as crabs and shrimps, are generally used as the starting materials. The first step in its manufacture is extraction of chitin by deprotein in a dilute sodium hydroxide solution, followed by decalcium in a dilute hydrochloric acid. Second step is hydrolysis of chitin in a high temperature concentrated hydrochloric acid. KOYO Glucosamine has one more step for purification. After hydrolysis, to obtain crystal form of glucosamine, we once again dissolve it in water and filter out impurities followed by low temperature concentration to yield highly purified glucosamine.


Avoid direct exposure to sun light, high temperature and humidity.


2 years (unopened)

Raw materials indication example

  • ◆KOYO Glucosamine, KOYO Glucosamine SC, KOYO Glucosamine MG [Glucosamine (crabs and shrimps origin)]
  • ◆KOYO Glucosamine PG, Glucosamine [(crab origin)]
  • ◆KOYO Glucosamine PG, [ Glucosamine ( crab origin ) ]

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